All Vampires Are Gay

A Serialized Fiction Podcast

Victor Nightingale is a few hundred years old and bored of everything.  When he meets a beautiful and mysterious young DJ named Robert they have an immediate connection.

But their new romance is threatened by the supernatural forces brewing on the horizon, from ancient evil vampires to morally grey witches there’s all kinds of danger in their midst, and someone from Victor’s past is the one pulling the strings.

Together with their queer gang of found family; non-binary spy master Samson, asexual fortune-telling oracle Persephone and trans vampire witch Jinn, they will explore their relationships and emotions while fighting evil in their rainy coastal city.

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We think this show would appeal to fans of Good Omens, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Wynonna Earp, Vampire Diaries and The Originals.  As well as fans of other amazing original LGBTQ podcasts like The Magnus Archives, Welcome To Night Vale, Camp Here & There, The Adventure Zone, and The Penumbra Podcast.  If you like any of those, check out our show!

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